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Two things I'm undeniably passionate about: photography and traveling. Destination weddings were the foundation of my business, up until the pandemic that is. With what seemed like a very sudden pause and unforeseeable future in the wedding industry, I wanted to find a way to stay creative and keep my passion alive. I started helping Airbnb hosts with professional imagery for their listings and Instagram. I didn't expect to fall in love with this new side of my business, but I can say with 100% certainty, photographing Airbnb's has stolen my heart and I am forever grateful I ventured off and tried something new. 

Capturing the warmth and joy of your home so you can share it with the world and future guests lights me up inside. That's the amazing thing about photography: telling a story through imagery. My goal is to provide you with images that are a direct reflection of how you see your home and the love you want your guests to feel during their stay. These are so much more than interior photos, they are glimpses into the experience, mood and feel of a stay at your cabin. I can't wait to capture your space!

xo, Melissa

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"Words cannot express the gratitude I have for the opportunity to have been able to host Melissa and have her take photos of our vacation rental.

Working with a professional photographer has always been important to me when showcasing our place and I’m so glad I took a leap and trusted Melissa. From the beginning she let me know her plan and she truly delivered! She is talented and passionate about what does and her work is a reflection of that. We absolutely LOVE our new photos and not only am I grateful for all her time and hard work, but also the friendship I have found in her. 

I highly recommend working with Melissa and hope to have her back in the future. " 

Magaly host of Selah Vivienda, Wenatchee, Washington

"I came across Melissa because I was in need of professional photos of my Mountain Tree House (cabin). From the beginning discussions, I felt she was the right person to work with. I can say it was her caring ways, professionalism, detailed approach or her preparation for the project but I would be lying. It was truly a combination of all those factors along with the LOVE for her work and the quality product she delivers.

At the beginning it was just a photoshoot for my cabin, however it ended up being a wonderful collaboration between 5 small local businesses. The day of the collaboration was amazing from setup to tear-down. We all met at the cabin, enjoyed a meal, shared our stories and made new friends. This collaboration is still active and we continue to support each other in our businesses.

Melissa’s work is simply amazing!! I had an idea from her work on IG but I didn’t fully realize it, until that work was for myself. Melissa was able to capture the love I have for my home, the warmth I feel when sharing the space with family and friends and the hard work I put into updating spaces. Melissa was truly able to capture emotions in her images and surprised me with angles of my home, which I didn’t know existed.

I will never look at my home the same way because Melissa provided a new lens for me. I hope Melissa feels my gratitude for her work and passion in photography.

Patty host of Mountain Treehouse, Lake Arrowhead, California

We were so fortunate to have had the opportunity to host Melissa at our cabin in Big Bear Lake! She came with her two adorable, well-traveled kids. As a guest, Melissa is super friendly, responsive, respectful, and took great care of our place. As a photographer, she is professional, so very talented, and passionate about her work. She took amazing pictures during her stay and we loved seeing our cabin through her creative lenses. If you are looking for a photographer, she comes highly recommended! Thank you Melissa for being our guest and for your beautiful pictures! 

Jane host of Majestic Pine Retreat, Big Bear Lake, California

"Working with Melissa was a highly enjoyable experience from start to end. She portrayed a huge amount of professionalism as well as a love for collaboration. She was able to curate some cool food items that made the cabin look much more inviting and lived in. I also appreciate the care she took of our cabin while she worked, she left it in perfect condition. Her overall warmth and kindness made the results perfect.
I would like to thank Melissa for taking up the challenge and capturing the ever so important details from The Yeti Den. My husband and I spent an unimaginable amount of time fretting over each and every aspect. With her attention to those details she was able to make the cabin shine. Oh, and it shines!

I’m looking forward to more collaborations as The Yeti Den evolves with future projects. I would recommend Melissa as a high–quality Airbnb photographer to anyone and everyone"

Sara host of The Yeti Den, Big Bear Lake, California

Melissa at Melissa Fe Chapman Photography is everything you’d expect from a professional photographer and more. I followed and admired Melissa and her cabin photography work on Instagram and knew that I wanted her to capture my cabin as well. She did not disappoint! Not only did she capture the essence of my cabin, she did it with such style. Her pictures created the mood and experience I wanted to showcase for my potential guests. Having her stay at the cabin allowed her to experience what a stay feels like and she was able to capture that in photographs so well. I cannot recommend her enough not only as a photographer but also as a guest. She was appreciative, thoughtful and the most super clean guest ever! She left our place so clean I didn’t need housekeeping to clean up afterwards. I’d recommend her to anyone looking to up their game in photographs." 

Marisa host of Lake Arrowhead Casita. Lake Arrowhead, California

"As entrepreneurs we knew that great photos are one of the most important ways to tell your story. We also knew that truly incredible photos tell a story incredibly. We weren’t sure if we had an incredible story to tell with our Calandia chalet, but we made the leap & hired Melissa Fe Chapman Photography. 

When we got the first photos Melissa took, we were in shock. We actually told her “These can’t be photos of OUR cabin! Who is this supermodel of a chalet?!” The chalet we had spent so many hours renovating and restoring looked just like the house glamour shots in magazines! The lighting was perfect, the depth of focus was captivating, the angles & focus drew you in & made you immediately want to go to Calandia. 

We published the new photos to our as of yet zero booked airbnb listing at 10Pm on a Tuesday night.

The next morning we had 7 requests to book Calandia! Literally overnight! 

If you ever doubt that incredible photos tell a story incredibly, hire Melissa ar Melissa Fe Chapman Photography and try it yourself. Your eyes will thank you, your guests will thank you and your wallet will thank you. She is that good."

-Andy host of Calandia Chalet, CrestlIne, California

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